I go to netball every Saturday morning  in the winter because netball is a winter sport. We have only played 3 games this session. We have won two and lost 1. Netball is a game that you play on a Court and you need 7 players on a team.You have to try and get more goals then the other team. You have two goal post on each side of the cort. These are the position that we play, goal shooter, goal keeper, center, goal attack, goal defence, wing defence and wing attack. My favourite positions are goal attack and goal shooter. One other thing about netball is that you can’t just run around with the ball. When you catch the ball you have to stop running and you can not move your foot that you have landed on. It is a little bit like basketball. Expect you can’t bounce the ball or run with the ball.

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Nursing home

Today the 28th of May in the afternoon I went to a nursing home, for community and service.  I went with charlotte  and Seb. We played snakes and letters with some of the residents in the nursing home. I liked talking to some of the residents and what countries  they have been to and other things. I had a lot of fun. It was also my first time going to a nursing home. It was nice to see what a nursing home is like.  Have you ever been to a nursing home? and would you like to go in a nursing home when you get older? I would not because there is not much to do there if there is no one to keep you compane. Not that the nursing home was bad but I would rather my family look after me.  I am going back to the nursing home in 2 weeks to see the reidents again.  hope you can leave a comment. Hannah!

100 Word Challenge!

We had to right a story with only 100 words  and we had to use the sentence Everyone clapped and cheered apart from….. in the story.
This is my story.
It was Christmas time at the Bridgberry farm and that day something very bad happened. That day Penny and her family went to a fair together. They went to a pig show and when the pigs had finished there show they all cheered and clapped accept for Penny. She was unhappy because her cat died the other day and her mother said why did you not clap that was not very nice. So next time she went to a fair she clapped. When they went home she said that she was sorry and she would never do that ever again.
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Literacy Circle’s

Hi again, I  hope you are all having a good day? I am because I found out today, at school that we are doing Literacy Circle’s. If you do not know what Literacy Circle’s are then I will explain. It is when we get into groups of about 5 and all read the same book. We read the book together chapter by chapter and sometimes we read it at home. My group is reading, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. I have watched the movie before and it is very good. I am looking forward to reading this book. Have you ever read this book before ?, or have you seen the movie before? If not I recommend it because I have seen the movie. It has 212 pages in the book and has 20 chapters.

Easter Holiday’s

Hello everyone. Have you had a good holiday?

On Easter Sunday we had my Nanna and Poppa over for dinner and afternoon tea.  I had a great two weeks off and enjoyed my time.  I went to the movies and saw the Wimpy Kid Two. I enjoyed it a lot and it was very funny. I would suggest it to kids around my age.  I also helped my Dad in the holidays and got some Community Service. I have now got 12 hours. I wish it was still holidays! Do you?

Jiving at Come Out!

Come out was on the 1st of April. We have been practising so hard with Marilyn and we finally did it. Now we are going to work on the end of the year consent. I think that we impressed the whole school. Everyone did a fantastic job. If you want to see a video clip of my class dancing the jive then click here!

How much did we raise?

The first thing I did was a coin trail. It looked AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! We wrote the letters N Z for New Zealand. I contributed $1.00. Then we took the tables down to the netball courts and set up for our cake stall. I got to be behind a stall. My buterfly cup cakes went in 5 minutes. Which was very quick. All over I enjoyed the day it was a fun day. Anyway lets get off the boring stuff. It cost $0.50 for a cake and you had to put $1.00 for the coin trail because you came in casual clothes. We raised a wopping $550.oo from the coin trail and $300.00 from the cakes approx. All that money is going to a good cause. Pam is so impressed with us. I might have enought time to write a post tommorow.
Bye for now Hannah.

New Zealand Earthquake Appeal

Our class is doing a appeal for the Christchurch earthquake. Tomorrow at Recess our class is going to run a cake store. Our principal is going to run a coin trail. It is also a causal day and everyone is going to where red and black which is the color of the Christchurch rugby team. Everyone who wears casual has to bring a gold coin donation. Everyone in our class has to make some cupcakes, muffins or slices to sell. I am going to make Butterflycupcakes tonight with mum for tomorrow. I have also been doing a assignment on the Christchurch earthquake. Because we are doing a assignment on natural disasters. We are hoping to get a decent amount of money for this appeal. I will wright another post to tell you how much we have raised. I will put up some photos of how bad the earthquake is.

See you for now.

Groovy In Room 13

In our class room we have been doing some GROOVY dancing for come out week. My panter is Charlotte and she is a stunning at dancing. The song we are dancing to is called “Rock Around The Clock”. Does anyone know this song? We are doing the performance this Friday. Marilyn is teaching us how to do the jive. We have bean watching some videos on how to do some new moves as well. The video is calledReal 1950’s Rock & Roll. You can go on our class blog if you want to see it. Pam is so impressed with how we have been dancing. I fell much more confident with dancing now thanks to Pam and Marilyn.  Leave a comment and tell me what you think of the video.